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Your Follow Up Will Determine Your Success

By March 23, 2021August 6th, 2021No Comments

Not just a system for follow-up, but an automated, foolproof, follow-up system where nothing will fall between the cracks. I feel so many people work their butts off to bring in or cultivate business, but they don’t follow up with it and it loses steam. It seems most people get a hot lead and then let it cool off because their follow-up is weak. Or they cant convert or close the business because they don’t know how to follow up. If this is you or someone you know, I think I can really help. First things first, let’s set some minimum expectations. Here is my bare minimum contact frequency:


Small clients – Every 6 months

Medium Clients – Every 3 months

Large Clients – Every month


Some people may think this is not enough. If that’s you then turn up the follow-up meter and contact more often. Some may say wow that’s a little too much. To you, I say you need to mix up the follow-up. If you wait any longer than above then you lose too much influence. With technology being what it is now, I would automate these minimums. You can create a foolproof follow-up process that can help schedule and complete your calls, emails, and texts! How do you do that???


I use ClientTether and it has changed my life and business! If you are interested in that then take a look. I highly recommend it. I know you will love it. It’s very affordable and will blow your mind at how it will allow you to engage more with your clients. Let Dave know I sent you and he will help and add a ton of value to you and your business!


Dave Hansen






Create automated processes for each one of your events including meetings, conventions, networking events, etc. Make your follow-up consistent and develop a process that works. Once you have a good automated process and setup, here are some tips to make the actual follow up more powerful:


  • Set expectations – If you don’t, your clients will and that doesn’t end well.
  • Ask the client when the best time to contact or follow up is.
  • Remember their special days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Give a special offer and add value without expecting anything in return
  • Add personal touches. Get to know them personally and tie that into your follow-up. Ex: family, friends, hobbies, etc.


Become a king of follow-up and watch your business flourish! Share with me your successes and ideas! Talk soon!


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