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Recognize Your Clients And They Will Recognize You

By March 4, 2021August 6th, 2021No Comments

If you will take the time to recognize your clients then they will definitely recognize you. Did you know recognition is more motivating than money? When clients remember you, they remember your relationship. With stronger relationships, more growth in business will follow. And if it doesn’t, then you should be developing a strong enough relationship to find out why you aren’t getting the business!


Here are some powerful tips and must do’s to recognize your clients:


  • Recognize your clients on their birthday (Every person that has any influence on business)
  • Thank them for the specific business they send over.
  • Ask them about and support their charitable causes. This could be their kid’s sports or other charities they are passionate about.
  • Give them silver bullets or a special deal when they need it or do it just because you appreciate them.
  • When they make suggestions or give feedback, show them that you take them seriously and address them with action.
  • Reciprocate business! Give them referrals or find business for them.
  • Recognize them on their anniversary with you (first date of business) and their anniversary with their spouse.
  • Stand behind your work!


Again, it may seem simple, but it’s not always easy. Try implementing these items and I know you will see it impact your business. I would love to hear your ideas and feedback! Let’s grow together!

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