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Everyone wants and needs to be remembered.


Being remembered maintains and grows your business.


Having the worlds best chocolate truffle with your logo and brand on it will make you memorable… always.

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Watch the video above to learn how to be memorable now to grow and maintain your business!

How It Works

Step 1: Upload Your Logo

Step 2: Pick Your Quantity

Step 3: Pick Your Flavors And Enjoy!

  • Need a way to make sure you and your company are always remembered when selling, marketing and branding to grow and maintain your business?

  • Tired of handing out sales, marketing and branding items that end up in the trash or forgotten?

  • Make sure your clients and prospects are always thinking about and remembering you by giving the world’s best chocolate truffle with your brand on it.

What to expect when unboxing your silky smooth chocolate truffles.

Private Label Chocolate, aside from being the best truffles out there, filled the need that we had for something personal we could provide our clients each time we stopped in for a quick visit.

Rhett G.Cost Segregation Authority

We just received our box of chocolates! They are delicious and look great wrapped in our logo. Thank you from all of us at BTC. Our clients will enjoy the treat as well!

Jorge DiazInsurance

Our chocolates arrived today!! They are PERFECT!! Quality complete with style, 100% we LOVE the color change from the grey to the black, JUST LOVE IT!

Amanda B.Westland Insurance

The chocolates are delicious! Way too good to give away to any customers.

Tom H.

Love the chocolates...…Seriously cannot decide which one is my favorite. And the packaging design is Amazing!!

Hollibeth M.Insurance

Top 3 Questions


How long does it take to create?

We ask for 30 days on the initial creation process. Once your label is created, we can send ongoing orders within 48 hours.

Do we have to worry about the chocolate melting?

NOPE, we have proprietary cold packs that allow us to ship all year long in the US and keep it affordable!

What is the minimum order?

Our minimum or is only 125 truffles! We help you with inventory management! You don’t have to worry about carrying a huge inventory. Just order a bag at a time if you need to!

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Top 5 ways to make sure your clients and prospects remember you

Every business and professional deserves to reach their potential and growth goals. Now with your own Private Label Chocolate you can. Let us show you how to use chocolate to get you, your business, your clients and your prospects to where they need to be.

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