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Make your phone calls memorable

By November 9, 2020August 6th, 2021No Comments

This skill for me probably goes back to the farthest and I have had the most success and that’s how to be memorable on the phone!

Are you still using the phone to build your business? I hope so! I have been super fortunate to experience great success on the phone and want to show share how with you.

Pre-call mentality

  • Confidence is key
  • Energy is key
  • Treat them like your best friend regardless of how well you know them
  • Be determined to accomplish what you are calling for
  • Being assumptive is key
  • Assume they want to talk to you
  • Call like you know them very well
  • Don’t hesitate, always act like you know what you are doing
  • Be prepared
  • Have a script, not to read from, but as a base of how you want the call to go
  • Know who the decision-maker is


  • Always ask questions to lead the person to the end result in you want
  • My favorite phrase is “Are you locked in with your current company? Yes or no. Do you keep your options open if I could show you something significantly better?”
  • “What do you love about your current vendor?”
  • “What dont you like about your current vendor?”
  • “So if I can keep doing what you love and significantly improve what you don’t like, do you see any other reason why you wouldn’t give me a shot?”
  • Always keep the call brief
  • Even though you called them, accomplish what you need and make it seem like you need to go, but you just wanted to establish a few things real quick
  • Ask if you can send information and follow up next week
  • This prevents them from saying “send me some information” or “let me think about it”

Post phone call

  • Send thank you card thanking them for their time same day
  • Send an email with appropriate information illustrating what you discussed on the call
  • Set follow up call for one week
  • If you miss them that following week, keep doubling the time in between calls until you call every six months then repeat

I recommend making at least 20 calls a day because:

  • 20 calls
  • 10 people pickup
  • talk to 5 decision-makers
  • 2 open to doing business
  • 1 new client

That’s daily! Once you get the pipeline moving by staying consistent, this is what you can expect!

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