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Be MemorablePodcast

Be Memorable with a Podcast

By October 19, 2020December 28th, 2022No Comments

Do you have a podcast? Are you wanting to have a podcast? Maybe you’re wondering why you need one?

Podcasting is one of my favorite things to do for a few reasons:

  • I get to talk to incredibly great people that have great insights that help mine and other peoples businesses
  • It gets me great content I can share on social media, blog, text, and through email with my clientele
  • It’s very easy for my clients and others to engage with my content passively
  • It’s great for SEO and digital marketing
  • Audio content has become searchable on Google and other formats
  • It’s super easy to produce

You may be thinking okay you’ve convinced me I need a podcast, but how do I use it to further my business?

  • It gives you a reason to reach out to your clients to share value-added content
  • It’s easy to text the link to your clients while they are busy and they can still listen
  • It creates credibility for clients or prospects by making you an authority in your space
  • It helps your SEO by giving you more searchable content online
  • It gives clients or prospects another way to engage with you
  • It shows that you and your company are relevant to the times and heavily engaged in your business

How does this convert to the bottom line?

  • More exposure to your business means more traffic to your business
  • More exposure and more traffic with the right sales funnel equals more business
  • Your product or service is something people need, they just need to be reminded of that.

Not sure what your shows would be about? Make it about the value you, your product, and your service bring to the table. Make sure it’s consistent with your brand and the content stays consistent.

Don’t know where to start? Try www.anchor.fm which is super simple or if you have a budget and want to produce a top 10 show, then I would definitely contact www.launchpod.media and let them know I sent you!

Take a listen to the following podcast I did with John Dinkel from Launchpod Media: https://anchor.fm/bememorable/episodes/Why-you-and-your-company-need-a-podcast-eavgpa

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