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Keys to Gifting

By December 23, 2020August 6th, 2021No Comments

When people think of gifting they always think of the holidays! Not us! We think about gifting when no one else is! Here are our keys to gifting:

Its the thought that counts. I know we have all heard that, but it really is. Make sure you put thought into it. Most important of all, do something, at every chance you get!

Gift when no one else is gifting. Everyone is gifting during the holidays. If everyone is, then thats a real hard time to stand out unless you have something super unique. Heres a better idea, gift when no one is at the following times:

  • Thanksgiving – beat everyone to the holidays. Even better maybe do something at Halloween?
  • New Years – No better time to bring on business or bring up a new idea than at the beginning of the year! People are very open to new ideas.
  • Valentines Day – Most people think this holiday is just for lovers. Not so! Its a great time to give your clients something or even give them something to give their significant other.
  • St Patricks Day – How many people do you think are gifting at St Patricks Day? Not many! Thats why its a great time and just another reason to be in front of clients and prospects.
  • Wedding Anniversaries – This is a great personal time to recognize. Again, give them a gift or give them something they can give their significant other. Make sure you documents these dates in your calendar or CRM.
  • Birthdays – You just cant miss peoples birthdays that matter to you. Its not an option.

Give something of quality. Whatever you give big or small, give something quality. The quality of what you give will reflect the quality of the relationship. Be known for quality. Anything that isnt quality will end up in the trash or given to someone else.

Give something memorable. Be unique and give something that you can give ongoing that will brand you. Dont give lame stuff that people will forget.

Budget appropriately. Dont go to the extreme and over do it, but also dont under do it. Come up with a budget strategy and then spend accordingly. People can tell if you do too much or not enough.

Be genuine. Put thought into it. Personalize anything you give. Give at the appropriate time. Make sure its heartfelt. Give to make someone else happy. Care more about the person than the business.

Make sure they know where it came from. Too often people give but dont make it obvious where it came from. Make sure anyone that interacts with whatever you give knows where it came from.


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