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Having call reluctance right now?

By April 20, 2020No Comments

Having call reluctance right now?

Not sure what to say when you do call?

Add value another way other than your product or service. What is another strength you can share?

????Do you have a way to help them produce additional revenue? Share that.

????Do you have resources or strategic partners that can help with their business during this time? Connect them.

????Do you have something that is working for you or your business right now? Share that.

????Is there an activity or something fun they can do with you or their family? Checkout playing Jackbox Games remotely through Zoom Video Communications.

????Is there something you can plan out together such as a lunch, trip or get together later down the road when the coronavirus dust has settled! Plan that.

????Do they need help with their digital presence right now? LinkedIn, social media, online meetings, etc? Help them with that.

????Do they need a mask for just daily protective gear for these times? Ask them and get them that.

????Do they need help with disaster relief loans? Help them with that.

There are so many things we can be doing to engage right now. If you have call reluctance, it may because you are too sales-minded. Shift to helping and adding value and keep making those calls!

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