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Be memorable with LinkedIn

By May 12, 2020August 6th, 2021No Comments

We are super excited to share some ideas on how to be memorable on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has single-handedly been instrumental in growing our business. It’s a hot spot right now and a great place to connect with your target market. We want to share with you what is working amazing for us!

Optimize your profile

  • Your headline should be a catchy phrase of the value you add to your target market.
  • Your about section should explain the value you and your business bring to the table and why they should want to connect with you. There needs to be a call to action throughout this section.
  • Fill out any section in your profile that explains your story, who you are, and the value you bring. The more complete your profile is, the better.
  • Use the featured section to add links or any media that will reinforce your call to action.
  • Calendly is a great tool to allow people to connect with you.

Make warm connections. Similar to networking face to face, you want to use LinkedIn the same way electronically.

  • Always send a message with your connection request
  • Include why you want to connect, how you can add value to them, and how they could help you.
  • Once the connection is made, make sure you send a follow-up message thought LinkedIn thanking them for the connection, reinforcing the reason for connecting, and let them know you would like to add value through email.
  • Create and send a series of emails that add immense value to them and their business through your personal strengths and the strengths of what your business offers.

Post value-added content daily personally and on your company page

  • Share content as if you giving your clients all you can to help them and their business through your experience, strengths, ideas, and opinions.
  • Use pictures or graphics that support your message.
  • Mix up your posts between written, visual, and audio.
  • A few ideas: Custom animations, quotes, videos, and links to relevant articles.

Engage with others content, especially those in your target market

  • Comment, like, and share other content. Be social and likable by interacting consistently with others.
  • Send personalized direct messages thanking, wishing happy holidays, happy birthday, and recognizing anniversaries.

In our opinion, there is not a more relevant place you could be spending your time digitally and in general than LinkedIn. So much organic engagement without all the fluff of the other social networks. Take advantage of this time while you can!

Want to take it to the next level on LinkedIn? Some additions you may want to think about are starting a premium account and utilizing their promotions/ads. Connect with us sidebar if you want to go beyond the ideas on this email.

Do you not have time to do this or would rather an expert do it for you? Connect with our good friend and LinkedIn expert Garret Orr with AddeyPro to seek his done for you services. I use them and I highly recommend it! Make sure to tell him we sent you!

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