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How to Ship Chocolate Corporate Gifts in the Summer Heat

By August 16, 2022December 28th, 2022No Comments

Private Lable Chocolate specializes in helping brands stand out with the world’s best chocolate truffles. A delicious gift, our truffles help you make a memorable impression that current and future clients won’t soon forget. In fact, the British Promotional Merchandise Association conducted a study that found that 66% of the participants could recall a brand that sent them a promotional gift within the last year. 


It’s clear that giving corporate gifts is a smart choice for business and chocolate is sure to please. However, it’s natural to wonder if sending food in the mail will lead to messy problems. No one wants to open a package and find their chocolate has melted. If you’re worried about how to get your branded chocolate truffles to clients, especially during the hot summer months, read through these five easy tips. 

Keep Your Chocolates Chilled

When you receive your chocolate truffles, store them in a cool, dry place. Then, at least 24 hours before shipping them out, place them in the refrigerator. Chilled chocolates maintain their integrity for much longer. If your chocolates are already soft when you package them, the chances of them melting significantly increase. 


If you anticipate sending out chocolates on a regular gift-giving schedule, factor in how many need to be refrigerated at a time so you always have some on hand and ready to go. 

Check the Weather Forecast

Since heat is your greatest enemy, keep a close eye on it. Check your local weather forecast and what temperatures will be like at the destination point. If you can avoid shipping your chocolates on the hottest days, do. By monitoring the heat, you can figure out the perfect day to send your gifts without having to delay until the weather cools. 

Choose Insulated Packing Materials 

The best way to ensure your truffles arrive in all of their delicious glory is to package them correctly. Choose insulated packing materials that will help keep the contents of your package cool. We suggest mylar bubble wrap, which has a silvery finish to it. The mylar coating will help deflect heat. You’ll also want to: 


  • Choose a roomy box so your truffles won’t be smashed
  • Fill the box with your packing material
  • Seal the box, including the seams, tightly with tape
  • Insert cold packs for an added measure of protection 


Another thing you want to consider is the presentation. While these methods keep your chocolates cool, they don’t always look the most appealing. Investing in a nice box to put your truffles in will help impress your clients after they unpack all of the cold packs and bubble wrap. 

Send With Priority Shipping

Beat the heat with priority shipping. Multiple carriers offer upgraded shipping to get your packages delivered faster. If it’s especially hot, ship priority or overnight. You’ll also want to avoid sending your packages later in the week. If you do, there’s a good chance your chocolate will end up sitting in a hot warehouse for a few days. Ship Monday or Tuesday for the best and quickest results. 


Package insurance and upgraded tracking are also good options if you’re shipping to a new location that’s farther away. 

Deliver Gifts in Person

Are your clients local? Consider dropping off their gift in person. Not only can you ensure your chocolates stay cool the entire time, but you’ll show an added measure of appreciation. Going this extra mile (literally) will show your clients how much you appreciate them or want to support them. 


Do you have more questions about shipping chocolate in the summer heat? Contact our knowledgeable team at Private Label Chocolate. We’d love to answer any of your questions and help you delight others with our chocolate truffles. 

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