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5 Essential Back-to-School Marketing Strategies

By September 16, 2022December 28th, 2022No Comments

As summer officially ends and the school bells start to ring, business owners have a great opportunity to help families and students prepare for another year. However, there are some hurdles. One study found that 91% of parents buy back-to-school items in-store, though another saw a 7.2% increase in online customers.


That means your back-to-school marketing strategies need to be on-point in order to boost sales. Check out these five simple strategies to help get you there!


Discover the pain points of parents. 


Though students flock to the classroom, it’s parents who pay the bills. Before planning your marketing campaigns, ask what parents struggle with the most when shopping for another semester. What would be most helpful to them? How can you and your brand relate to their experience?


Use the answers to these questions to inform both the focus and the copy of your marketing campaigns. Ultimately, let parents know you are here to help and understand what they’re going through. 


Why does your product stand out on the lists? 


You need your product or service to stand out from the many promotions people receive during the back-to-school rush. Don’t get lost in the shuffle as parents and students mark off long checklists for binders, computers, highlighters, and more.


Focus on why your business is a cut above the rest. Even if you don’t sell school supplies, parents are more likely in the mood to pull the trigger on purchases they’ve been putting off. This time of year is for preparation and starting new. Capitalize on this by using focused marketing campaigns to prove why your product is necessary. 


Offer deals and bundles. 


Back-to-school promotions are a great way to catch your customer’s attention. Offer coupon codes. Bundle-related products that are likely to be purchased together and discount it. Set all promotions for a limited time. Your customer may not even be a student, but they’ll love any chance to save. 


Give a gift!


Send your customers a free gift to show support as they get ready for a new semester. One free, low-cost gift is digital printables they can print off at home and use whenever they’d like. Here are a few fun printable ideas for back-to-school: 


  • Back-to-school coloring pages
  • Cute lunch box notes to give to kids
  • Locker posters and decor
  • Tabs, dividers, and bookmarks


These are great rewards for loyal customers. However, a free gift is also a powerful and effective way to attract new customers to your brand. Consider offering a back-to-school gift for customers who sign up for an email or make an initial purchase. 


Show appreciation to teachers.


As a new school year begins we can’t forget about teachers. Send teacher appreciation gifts to your local schools with your branding on them. Not only is it a great way to support your community, but it gets your name out there. At Private Label Chocolates, we offer the world’s best truffles with your branding. We have a special design just for saying thanks or you can add your logo to any of our delicious flavors. 

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