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How to Keep Customers Happy

By October 14, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments

When you own your own business, there are a lot of people that you are responsible for and to make sure they are happy. Now add on customers, who you want to keep happy and you are responsible for as well. Your customers are the ones who are giving you the revenue to keep your business going. But it is also a great experience when you know you are contributing to your customers success and their happiness too. Here are a couple of examples that you can implement to make sure that your clients are staying happy.

-Make sure that you are paying attention. You should be able to anticipate your customers needs. Different customers will have different expectations and different ways they want to be communicated with. Now some of this will come with time, but make sure that you are paying attention to their patterns and habits of their business. 

-Make sure that you consider your customers day. Get to know their schedule, understand when they are busy and show respect to their time and needs. Learn when the best time to communicate with them is.

-Make sure that you understand what matters to your customer. What kind of communication does your customer like? Does your customer report to someone else? How can you help your customer shine for their boss? 

-Make sure that you stay ahead of the curve. Try to always plan for the chaos that for sure will come. Prep for contingencies that won’t cause a panic. This will help your business become more strategic and allow you to be more creative as well. 

-Make sure that you own your mistakes. We all make mistakes, so own it, and own it quickly. Apologize and fix the issue. Don’t make excuses, be accountable and realize that everything doesn’t always go as planned. But do everything you can to make it right. 

-Make sure that you always try to go above and beyond. Do more than what is being asked of you. Try thinking outside of your assigned role. You may have mastered your role, but what if you could excel at something else as well? 

It is important to understand and realize that your success is determined by the success of your customers. When your customers are happy and getting the service they need, then your business is happy and succeeding as well. When we stop just thinking about ourselves and our needs, and start thinking of others, this is where the real success from business happens.

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