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Here Is Some Great Sales Advice

By October 7, 2019June 19th, 2020No Comments

Being in sales has its ups and downs. But there is not a greater feeling than closing that deal that you have been working on. It can be hard to remember the good sales when you are in a slump. But it is important to keep going when times get tough and remember that you have what it takes to succeed, sometimes you may just need a little reminder or help.

Sales are a life skill that you will use every single day. Even those who aren’t in sales, are really just selling, it can just be in different capacities. You have to be able to sell yourself, a product or an idea at any given time. It is important to never give up. Sales people will hear “No” a lot. But it doesn’t mean that you should be giving up. Sometimes sticking with it and not taking no for an answer is what will give you the sale. Don’t give up, persevere and it will pay off. Don’t ever give up. You need to realize that if you want to get something you have never had, you are going to have to do something you have never done. Don’t waste time worrying about things that you have absolutely no control over. Remember that every day you are getting better by the choices you are making. And remind yourself that you are tough enough to get the things done that need to be done and are in it for the long haul.

It is super important to listen intently to your customer and fully understand their needs. Stephen Covey once said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to respond.” It is better to follow his advice so you stop thinking about what you are going to to say and really try to understand the needs of your customer. Try setting a goal of making a difference, rather than making a sale. If you can’t make a difference for your customer, perhaps they aren’t in the need of your products. Remember you aren’t trying to sell what a product can do. You are selling what the product does for your customer.  Remember it’s about your customer, what their issues are and what their goals are. It’s all about them and their problems. It is not about you. No one really cares about what you want. You need to concern yourself with your customer’s needs. Once you realize it’s all about the customers, everything about selling changes. You want your customers to feel like they are winning. 

Become an action oriented person. Take action, always continue learning. Look at each day as an opportunity to learn something new. Develop relationships throughout your career that will help you succeed. Create relationships with people who you want to strive your business model after. Spend time with them and ask them questions, listen to what they are saying.  Don’t just tell people how good you are, show them! 

Remember, you have two ears and only one mouth. This was a design made with a purpose. It is important to listen and not speak. Your customers don’t want to hear about you and your successes or ideas. They want to be able to share their ideas, their needs, and their wants. You need to stop and listen and fully immerse yourself in their business. When you do this, you will become a better sales person and be able to close more deals.

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