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How SWAG Can Help Your Business

By May 15, 2022No Comments

SWAG is one of the best ways businesses can market their brand. SWAG items can help promote your business’s corporate identity, increase brand awareness, etc. According to the ASI impression study, “promotional products are the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium around for their clients.” It is no secret that people love to get stuff. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pen, a t-shirt, a hat, or something else. If it’s free, it’s fun for the customers. So, If you are looking to grow your business through SWAG, keep reading! 

What Is SWAG

SWAG, stuff we all get, is the merchandise that brands use to promote themselves. SWAG is typically given at events where companies can give out small swag bags, shirts, hats, etc., to help promote their business. Customers love to get SWAG because it is always fun to get something for free, especially if the items are helpful to them. 

3 Ways SWAG Can Help Your Business 

Now that we have a better idea of what SWAG is, let’s go over the three main ways it can help your company. 

Increase Brand Awareness

According to this ASI study from 2019, the average household owns over 30 SWAG items. These could include t-shirts, pens, bags, lanyards and more. Entrepreneur states that “your brand is your promise to customers.” What do you want to promise? For example, If your company promotes a healthy lifestyle, handing out reusable water bottles would be “on brand.” Think of what you want your company/brand associated with and find SWAG items that promote that. 

Increase Marketing

SWAG is fantastic for marketing. Remember the statistic we shared that says the average household owns over 30 SWAG items? That means that it is very likely that many people are wearing or using SWAG items from companies daily. If people around them notice the shirt they are wearing or the water bottle they use, they also see your company’s brand and logo. 

Get More Leads and Retain Customers

Every company needs more clients and leads, but how does SWAG help? By getting items that are long-lasting, useful, and on-brand, customers are more likely to spread the word about your company. Companies can also use SWAG as an incentive to participate in a survey or demo. Customer appreciation giveaways and events are a great way to utilize SWAG and retain customers. Sharing photos of happy customers wearing the SWAG on social media is also fun(this is even better if you offer them something in return for using their faces to promote your company). 

What About Leftover SWAG?

Leftover SWAG is inevitable, but it can still be a great way to promote your company or help the environment. Before you toss your leftovers in the trash, check out these ideas to use leftover SWAG: 


  • Donate it to a local school or university event. 
  • Keep them for your next event. 
  • Repurpose it for employee gifts. 
  • Recycle it. 
  • Donate it to a homeless shelter or thrift store. 

Wrapping Up

SWAG is a fun way to increase marketing, keep and find happy customers, and increase brand awareness. Hint, chocolate makes great SWAG 😉 For all your chocolate SWAG needs, check out this page to see how Private Label Chocolates can help your company. For other ideas on how to help your business grow with networking, check out this article on how to be memorable with networking


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