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Customizable Wedding Favors

By November 8, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments

The latest in the wedding scene is to leave your guests with a memorable impression of your wedding. This comes in the form of a take home party favor that your guest can take with them to reflect on the memories of the day. Brides and Grooms can be bombarded with options, so it can be fun to add a personal touch to the gift. They can choose a gift that reflects their interests or go with the vibe of the wedding. Sometimes the items are so the guests can enjoy them at home after the festivities are over. While the possibilities are endless, you will want to make sure that your wedding favors fit within your budget. Getting something for every guest can add up quickly. We have compiled a list of items that are affordable and memorable. 

-Personalized Chocolate Truffles. Of course we had to. But seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate? You can create your own wedding logo to print on the truffles and hand then out to guests. This will be a tasty treat for them to enjoy and remember your wedding day.

-Mini Lanterns. The tea lanterns can add some light and ambiance to their homes. Let your love shine bright!

-Custom Seeding. Your guests can plant seeds from a personalized packet into their flowerbeds. Every time they see the flowers, they will remember your wedding. 

-Breath Mints. You can purchase your favorite mints and package them in customizable bags.

-Package of Cookies or Donuts. You can customize a small package that is can be considered a post wedding dessert. 

-Wedding Hangover Kit. This one can come in handy for those wedding that last all night and into the morning. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness in the morning.

-Lottery Ticket. Scratch off lottery tickets can be cheap. Just seal it with a personalized bag and who knows, one of your guests may win big!

-Bottle Opener. There are many bottle openers with a unique design that will remind your guests of your wedding each time they pull it out and use it. 

-Coffee Beans. Buy your favorite coffee beans and wrap them individually for your guests with a customized package. Your guests will definitely thank you in the morning.

-Succulents. Your guests will appreciate adding a little bit of green to their house with a take home plant. Plus succulents don’t require as much water, so even if your guest doesn’t have a green thumb, they could successfully keep a succulent alive.

-Popcorn Bags. You could have a self-serving popcorn station that guess are able to take a to go bag on their way out. 

-Champagne Jelly Beans. There are little champagne bottles that are filled with jelly beans that are available to order. They are cute and fun for guests of all ages.

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