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This will ensure that your customers will know about your product

By November 20, 2019December 13th, 2019No Comments

Having a product that is fantastic is not a guarantee of a successful business. It is important to have a great product, but it is also important to make sure that people know what your product is, what it does and why it is better than anything else currently on the market. Getting this information out there is the responsibility of a sales and marketing team.  When you break down each department, here is what you get. Sales is the operation and activities that are involved in promoting and selling of goods or services. Marketing is the process or technique of promoting selling and distributing a product or service. Both of the responsibilities of the groups are closely linked. And marketing plays a very pivotal role in supporting the sales. 

The marketing department is responsible for bringing about awareness for a product and being able to produce leads for the sales team.  This awareness will help the brand get recognized and bring potential business for companies who have a need for the product or service. It is important to engage your audience in your product. Try to deepen your connection to your customers. For example, videos tend to be more engaging than a radio commercial or mailer. Conversion is a critical part in marketing. This is where an anonymous lead becomes a known lead. This can happen through many different avenues, including web forms, web chats and phone calls. After a purchase is made, the marketing team will still follow through with retention. Businesses grow by having repeat customers. It is important to maintain awareness with these customers and continue to engage with them even after sales. 

One of the main responsibilities of the sales team is following up. After the leads are made with the marketing team, they are then transferred to the sales team. It is important that this step happens in a timely manner. People want to be followed up with soon after an inquiry. It is important to keep them engaged while they are still interested. After making a connection is when the relationship building happens. You need to be able to create trust between the buyer and the seller. You need to be persuasive, not pushy, and there is a fine line between those two tactics. You want to make sure the customer has the knowledge about the product and what makes it stand out from competitors. Once the customer is convinced that the product is worth paying for, the sales team is able to close in on the deal. This can be done in person, over the phone, or online. The sales team will also help follow through with retention. This is the one category where the sales team and the marketing team can unite and make sure that current customers are being checked in on and making sure that they will come back time and time again for your product. 

In order to make sure that your product will succeed, you need a sales and marketing team that are willing to put the time and effort to both complete their jobs and responsibilities while working together. This will ensure that your customers will know about your product, and will keep coming back for it, which will allow your business to grow. 

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