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5 Unique Tips for More Effective Sales Calls

By September 1, 2021December 28th, 2022No Comments

Ever feel like sales calls just aren’t your thing? We get it. We know that it can be hard to stand out and get people’s attention, not to mention sales calls can feel like the most dreaded part of your day.  


No worries. Not only do we make the best candy private label out there, but we’ve been in the marketing and sales world for the last 30 years. We’re here to help. 


Check out these 5 unique tips for great sales phone calls. You might even find you go from dreading sales calls to loving them. 

Focus on genuinely benefitting the client

One of the best ways to take the edge off in a sales call is to focus on genuinely benefiting the human being you are speaking with on the phone. When you can forget about your agenda and instead think about the client, then you can feel less nervous and help the client lower their guard. Trust is number one when it comes to successful sales calls

Be real with the customer

People can tell when you’re faking it. There is nothing more off-putting than a fake salesman you feel is trying to manipulate you. 


These days, people are used to being bombarded by marketing and advertisements, and they’ve become numb to it. They’re looking for something authentic, something real. When someone feels your authenticity, that is when they will truly listen to you. 


One sales executive at another company we work with often will say “This is Dennis at (company). Just so you know, this is a cold call – I hate making them and you hate getting them, but it’s got to happen to keep business going. I’m calling to talk to you about (problem). Is that a discussion you’re willing to have with me today? If not today, when is a better time?”


Dialogues like this are appreciated by busy executives and their gatekeepers alike – they get to the point without being rude, and there’s nothing hidden or pretentious about them. Authentic interactions like this will win you friends, referral partners, and customers.


Of course, once the prospect has agreed to speak to you about your product or service, it can be hard to know how to lead the conversation in a productive direction. For this reason, it’s helpful to have some really great sales call questions. Click here to get some ideas. 

Be truly passionate for your product

Before you can even make your first phone call, you need to really and truly believe in the product that you are selling. Know it inside and out, and know that the product is worth every penny. If you don’t feel it, the client won’t either.

Catch ‘em with humor

There is likely some kind of joke or something ironic that you can say related to your product/service. This will help you catch someone’s attention and connect with them. Give this some thought and see what you can come up with that best fits you and your product. 

Forget about the outcome: stay present

Others can tell when you aren’t being yourself. While a sales call may be uncomfortable for you, you can learn to be yourself simply by letting go of your expectations. Relax and let the process take its course. People don’t like being treated as a goal – don’t make them feel like one. 


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