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Improve Your Face To Face Selling Skills

By March 9, 2020December 28th, 2022No Comments

The foremost goal of most of the businesses is to make a profit to survive, grow and attract investors. The most important determinant of profit is sufficient sales, which however can be done by practicing strong techniques. Face to face is one of the exceptional old school selling technique that requires direct involvement of salesperson with its customers.  Moreover, customers are often attracted by new and innovative sales techniques offering some incentive. Private label chocolate understands the importance of sales and for this; they have come up with the idea of giving customized truffle chocolates with your company label to give a boosting impact on your customer. For a successful face-to-face sale, you need a confident salesperson who understands customer psychology, possesses quality communication skills and affable. The salesperson should follow these 4 easy steps to nail the process of the sale.

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Introduce Yourself:

This is the first, perhaps the most important step that makes your customer comfortable. You should have the ability to know your potential customers before approaching so that you can act accordingly. You need to be cautious as any goof in this step can adversely affect the following steps. To make this a cut above you can offer them customized truffle chocolate as part of the introduction. 

Understand Customer:

This important step entails asking questions to perceive what they want. Questions are to be like, what is their purchase history, what compelled them to move to your product, any reason for their change in preference, what are their expectations? Following this, you need to listen to them attentively along with proper body language to throw a positive impression. 


Now that you are fully aware of your customer’s situation, you have to shed light on every product that meets their demand, as giving those options ameliorate the chance of sales. You have to be smart enough to avoid products that are less in supply. Moreover, you need to be flamboyant in explaining them and should use right body language as this shows how much you are into the conservation. If they interrupt you, let them. You must make them aware of all the pros and cons of the product and tell how the positives outnumber the negatives. 

Interpret Their Decision:

Now that you have entertained all the queries from your customer, it about time that you to ask them about their decision. Prior to asking, you should read the customer’s mind to see if they are satisfied, if not give them some time. If they are ready then ask them courteously about their decision. If you are in a call, you can ask this question ”Can I see if it is in my stock? As this question inoculates the idea that the product is in demand. However, if the customer does not seem interested or says no, you should politely accept, they would make the matter worse and there is a chance that they will not return in future. In both cases, you can offer them customized truffle chocolates to express gratitude.

These are the four easy but tactful steps every salesperson should take to boost your sales via face-to-face sales technique.

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