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How to Seal the Deal in Seven Seconds

By February 18, 2020December 28th, 2022No Comments

Is it possible to seal a deal in seven seconds? It is dependable on the impression you leave on your first visit, as you can leave a lasting first impression in just seven seconds. If you fail to create a lasting first impression, then chances of winning your client may become less. Whereas, if you leave a positive impression on your client, you will certainly be able to negotiate an arrangement that will help your company. The impression can be formed during a personal meeting, or via video call, so you should make sure you give out your best. Listed below are several strategies that will allow you to close the deal in seven seconds, and have the power of how other people perceive you. 

Know the Strategy of Non-verbal Marketing

After the first face-to-face encounter with others, 93% you leave your first impression based mostly on your non-verbal expression – your mannerism and demeanor. The words spoken only matter about 7%. One of the non-verbal sales strategy that you should keep in mind is how appearances matter. Even when your interaction is happening through a phone, you are still being evaluated by the way you speak, and the words chosen. 

Select the First 12 Words Mindfully 

According to research, the words that are spoken only matter about 7%, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose them carefully. Display any form of gratitude when meeting a customer. Your tone, and what you say will stay with them. Even a mere expression of gratitude towards the client for visiting you would go a long way. 

Using Client’s Name Right Away

Using the client’s name right away, whether it is in person, or via video call, it will leave a good impression on them showcasing that your focus is directed on them. There is no quick way of getting someone’s attention by addressing them with their name. 

Body Language Should Sync with Your Words

Your overall appearance leaves a lasting impression on your client. Along with that, you should always greet your clients with a smile, and maintain eye contact all times to show you are focused on them. 

Having Business Cards

Business cards are a really good sales strategy, you can give them to your interested client at any given time. Having a batch of business cards on you is an effective means of never running out of them during an encounter with a customer. Private label chocolate uses custom truffles as business cards, which leave a lasting impact on their customers because they have always something to remember. This is an effective sales technique. You can visit their site at: is https://privatelabelchocolate.net. 


In the corporate environment, each move made should be carefully thought out and planned. From arranging a place, maintaining your appearance, keeping business cards on you, it all helps in sealing a deal with your client. Seven seconds is the time you have to control the client with your demeanor and words, so nothing should be left out to choice. 

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