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5 Easy Tips for Sending the Perfect Corporate Gift

By June 28, 2022No Comments

Whether you want to impress potential clients or celebrate loyal customers, sending a corporate gift allows others to connect with your company while leaving a lasting positive impression. According to a study shared by Forbes and conducted by Coresight Research, over 80% of study participants said giving gifts improved their relationship with both clients and employees. 


However, finding the right gift in today’s expansive market can be a challenge. It’s important to not only understand who you’re giving a gift to but why. Plus, you can put your logo on just about anything these days. How do you choose what to send and how to send it?  


Let’s go through these five simple tips for picking the perfect corporate gift that will not only help you attract more clients but showcase your company’s core values. 

Be Sincere & Genuine

Before you begin searching for a great gift, ask yourself—why do you want to send a gift in the first place? If your intentions are focused solely on grabbing attention and making a sale, it’s likely your gift will come off that way. Corporate gifts are meant to be beneficial for both you and your client, but you’ll get so much further if you strive to send a gift with genuine sincerity to show appreciation or offer help. 


How do you do this? We suggest harnessing the power of a personalized note. Write it by hand and include things about the receiver, rather than yourself. You could mention something that impressed you about their business or why you’re excited to work with them. If they’ve been great to work with in the past, include it. Show that you understand who they are and why you’re grateful for the chance to build a business relationship with them. 

Keep It Simple & Practical 

As we mentioned, the corporate gift industry is large and you have a lot of options. From elaborate gift baskets to small trinkets designed for desks, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Our advice? Focus on something simple and practical that anyone can enjoy. You don’t want to accidentally send a gluten-filled basket to someone who is gluten intolerant or give something impractical that will just be shoved in a drawer or thrown out. Versatility and practicality will allow you to serve more clients. 


Want some more ideas? Check out our article 3 Best Client Appreciation Gifts.

Plan Ahead & Be Prepared

Don’t wait until the last minute (or the hectic holiday season) to think about your gift-giving plans. Sit down and make a plan ahead of time. What gifts do you need to purchase? What’s your budget? When do you want to send gifts and how will you package them? If you go over questions like these and make your decisions early, you’ll save yourself time, money, and stress. 


Here are a few ideas of how to help you plan ahead: 


  • Consider designing postcards. One side can feature your branding and great graphics while the other side will have room for a personalized note. This way, you’ll always have something personal to include without having to search for cards and envelopes. 
  • Find smaller items everyone will love and buy in bulk to keep your costs low. 
  • If you’re able, conduct research afterward. Send out a survey and ask new and current clients how their experience has been. You can include questions about what corporate gifts they’ve enjoyed in the past or would like to see in the future.  

Focus on Your Goals

As a company, you’ll want to ask yourself what your goal is with each gift you send. You may want to focus on brand recognition, earning trust and securing a sale, or celebrating your best clients. Determine what your end objective is and take a look at what corporate gifts will get you to your goal. 

Showcase Your Brand

Don’t forget to make your brand stand out no matter what corporate gift you choose. You can do this by incorporating your logo, branding colors, or slogans. You can even add phone numbers or other contact information on the packaging. This will help clients remember who you are and how your gift made them feel.


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