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How to Get out of a Sales Slump

By November 28, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments

Being in sales is full of ups and downs. Every sales person has had their day where everything is going their way, and they have also had those days where they can’t seem to get any deals to close, no matter what they try. Being able to manage the emotions of being a sales person is what can make a sales person even better. Inevitably there will be the lows, and those are much more difficult to manage than the highs at times. Here are a few ideas to try when you hit a slump.

-Review your accounts. Take an inventory of the customers you haven’t had contact in with for a while. This is an important task to review quarterly, but if you are in the middle of a slump, it is worthwhile to do during those slow times as well. You may be able to catch people who expressed an interest but maybe got off your radar.

-Make contact with one of your favorite clients. This may not bring you sales, but it can be a mood boost. And that is definitely a perk in the sales industry. Reach out to your existing clients and remind them of the products you offer.

-Try time blocking. There aren’t many sales people who enjoy cold calling. But if you set aside a thirty minute time window and just power through a bunch of phone calls it will help you stay on track. You could even try calling existing customers and touch base with them and go over their needs and wants. Sometimes these phone calls may not produce results right away, but you are letting your customer know you are thinking of them and are aware of their needs.

-Always continue educating yourself. There are so many sales books on the market that can help get you motivated and shed some insight on different approaches that may work. 

-Make a list from the past three months of your best deals that you closed on. Look into those sales and take note of what made it a good deal. Consider all of the tasks you had to complete in order to close the deal. Evaluate how those deals closed and if anything has changed in your current process. Is there anything you are leaving out that could help close deals?

-There are many podcasts available to listen to regarding sales. Motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar can help change your perspective. They are great to listen on the way into the office to help get your excited and pumped up for the day.

-Networking is crucial. There are many networking groups that meet on a regular basis. Join one that fits your needs and make sure that you interact and attend functions. Getting your name out there and setting up referral programs with other sales people will be beneficial for your business.

-Exercising is one of the best tools to help lift your spirits. By getting your blood pumping you are giving yourself endorphins that will help you get excited about your job and help you become more motivated to sale.

-Meditation is a great way to center yourself. There are podcasts available, there are yoga classes to take. Meditation has been proven to be beneficial for mood management. And it is very important for sales people to always be in a positive mood. 

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