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Be memorable with email

By July 3, 2020August 6th, 2021No Comments


I wanted to share my thoughts and experience being memorable with email!


Make sure the subject line is unique and something someone wants to open and read. Be creative!

Have the subject lead you into the email body


Send at the right time

Data shows better open rates in the middle of the week and in the morning, but you really need to test on your own to find out what works for you and your clients. For me I have found emails sent over the weekend, Monday mornings or Friday afternoon is best because that is when people usually have downtime.


Add value

You will see this is a common theme of mine, but you have to add immense value. Do not send sales emails, it doesn’t do any good other than bother people and get them to put their wall up. If you cant figure out what that value is then I would be happy to talk and see if I can help you out there.


Be consistent

It’s not about sending one email and hoping it changes the world. You have to send out consistent value-added emails to really get people’s attention. Also give the option for people to opt-in for your value from your website, social media, or digital marketing.



Create email campaigns that apply to people. Don’t let it be tone-deaf. Have multiple campaigns that can continue to lead people down a path of value, build relationships, and ultimately lead to human connection.


Make your emails easy to read

Keep them short and make them flow. Don’t send emails that have run-on sentences and look like never-ending text. People won’t take the time to read it.



Always make sure the emails pertain to the receiver and that it’s completely customized. People won’t take time to read something that appears nonpersonal.

There you go! Some surefire ways to get you some more success with email. As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions or if you need further help!

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